Jim Cramer on Why Casper Was an 'Unfriendly' IPO

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Jim Cramer wrote about Casper, which he has dubbed the unfriendly IPO.

"This market owes a big debt to Casper CSPR, the unfriendly IPO. The total collapse of this initial public offering will sideline a lot of crummy, money-losing deals for a few months and this, and the possible catastrophe that is Airbnb in a coronavirus world, could keep the supply of stock tight, giving the high fliers some room to run," wrote Cramer.

"Some people ask me what is really propelling the market. The lazy-minded people just say the Fed. It's easy. It always sounds smart. It requires no intellectual inquiry, but it works and they can always back it up with facts and figures."

Watch the full video above for Cramer's thoughts on Casper and what the IPO means for the IPO market. 

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