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Jim Cramer on When Investors Can Trust 3M

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The company reported before the bell Tuesday.

The company posted weaker-than-expected fourth-quarter earnings.

It reported earnings of $1.95 a share, which comes in below analyst expectations. Analyst were looking for earnings of $2.10 per share.

However, 3M reported revenue of $8.1 billion, which met analyst expectations.

The company also said that it plans to cut 1,500 jobs in a company-wide restructuring plan.

Jim Cramer weighed in on the company after earnings. 

"I said that then your expectations are too low because if your expectations are all negative. I'd like to think that you under-promised and therefore you can over-deliver. And we did not get that. Not at all," said Cramer.

 So when can investors look to get into 3M? Watch the video above for Cramer's full answer.

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