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Jim Cramer on When the Battle Against the Coronavirus Will Be Over

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Jim Cramer weighs in on when the coronavirus battle will be over. 

Is it when everyone's tested? Is it when there's a vaccine? Is it simply when we can leave our houses?

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Katherine Ross:
Everyday Jim, we're hearing about more and more cases of coronavirus and we're also hearing about more and more testing being made available. Specifically Abbott's five minute test, which we discussed yesterday. I want to ask based on that, is the coronavirus battle won when we test everyone or is it when Americans start taking this more seriously?

Jim Cramer:
No, no. The coronavirus stops being lost when we test everyone and people take it seriously. Right now we're on a path to lose. We're on a path where everybody gets it. We're on a path where hundreds of thousands die. We're on a path where you can still have churches and synagogues where there's just lots of people getting together, somehow feeling that they're immune. There are still people going to the beach and having a relatively good time. I'm not saying those people are going to die, but I am going to say that those people are part of COVID's battle to win. COVID has been smart, COVID is a very powerful enemy. But Abbott Labs has struck a blow, J & J [inaudible 00:02:17] struck a blow. When we do social distancing, it strikes a blow, but every American should worry about dying and that's a different thing.

Jim Cramer:
People who are dying are younger. You have to practice good hygiene, you have to try to stay at home. You really have to understand that this thing's deadly and you don't want it to kill you. As long as you think that it's not the flu and you realize the gravity and the fact that the hospital you go to may not be able to take care of you because it doesn't have the supplies, then you recognize what you're up against. You're up against a powerful opponent that will kill you and it's not will get you sick. The numbers are horrendous and there are people who can sugarcoat the numbers, but their crazy. I think that deep down, if you asked every American now in the last 24 hours whether there's a chance they could die from COVID, I think they're going to say yes.

Jim Cramer:
I think that there was a period even leading up to last week where people said "It's not going to be me." Then two weeks ago it was like the NBA, whatever, they stopped and the president is realizing he can't make a joke about social distancing. We're just getting there. Meantime, Dr. Fauci Was telling us it was going to happen all along. But the first battles that we won were Abbott and maybe J & J. I say maybe because that seems really hard so maybe people take it seriously. I think when you go by at tent city in central park and you think of the battle of Atlanta and the Gone With the Wind scene, that you recognize that you don't want to die. Again, I want to emphasize the people who are dying profile's very changed. In Italy is 79, 80. It's not that here. We're a younger country, but if you have diabetes, if you have asthma, if you have a heart condition, if you're obese, there's a very good chance that you could get it and die.

Jim Cramer:
I think that people have to recognize that if we're going to win. If you think you're just going to get it and get over it, I think that that's not something that can be counted on given the state of the healthcare crisis and the fact of how unprepared we were...I'm not trying to scare people. I'm just saying this is the way it is. We talked about it, my friends talk about it and my friends, the discussion three weeks ago was "Let's have a beer and talk about." Now my discussions is "I'll have a beer, a virtual beer with you because I don't want to die." I mean it's not like I don't get sick. It's a terrible thing to say, but that's what's happening. If people get mad at me because I said that, well I mean in your inner thoughts, your darker thoughts, as Shakespeare would say at night, do you really not wonder whether you're going to be the one? You all at this point I think have friends who died, or friends who are on a ventilator or friends who look like they're going to die. That's what happened Katherine. In the last week, we all found out about people who died and it's a thing when it's, "Hey, he got it and it took a little while to get better."

Jim Cramer:
I think that that plus Abbott is going to lead to a change in behavior and we can figure out who's tested and maybe we can stop being political about it. There's this hydroxy drug and I want it to work and there's these French guys that did a study, there's group guys who claim they're from Stanford. They're not really, I don't care, we're desperate, try it. But what I would have thought by now is that some of the authorities would have said, you know what, "[inaudible 00:06:10] we've got this drug." But it's become a Fox news thing, it's a president thing that it works. I just want a doctor to say it works in America. But what's happening right now, Katherine, is people recognizing that it is a fatal illness if you're not careful or sadly even if you are.

Katherine Ross:
I think that you've hit on something that I want to dig a little bit into before I go onto my next question, that's simply that what you've hit on is the seriousness of when you get it and you are one of the ones in the ICU. There's also the fact that you don't know if you have it, you don't know if you're passing it on to someone who could be the next person in the ICU. That's what the social distancing is about. When the media, especially when we talked about numbers, for example, when I say New York is technically sixth on the worldwide list with case numbers, I'm trying to tell people, be careful because you don't know if you have it and you also pass it on to the next person you've just passed.

Jim Cramer:
It'll help. Do the doctors have it? We've been losing doctors, we're losing nurses. They'll be on the front lines. It's just going to start with 50 and then it's going to be a hundred, then it's going to be 150. Maybe we'll figure out how to get the [inaudible 00:07:20] test working fast. Maybe we actually will have something in front of a Walmart or Walgreens, which we really don't. That was an attempt in the village. Maybe we are going to be starting to get actual tests the way we thought through Avid and that way what will happen is we won't be like Madrid. I mean every morning starts with a text from me to my daughter in Madrid saying "It's so great that you're not leaving. It's so great that you're not leaving." She's been in her apartment for three weeks and it's great to me, but that's what you have to do to win and it's a win and you have to win the war. Obviously Madrid does not have that many people and Spain doesn't have people doing it or you wouldn't have 900 people die yesterday.

Jim Cramer:
I think that what happened in New York is tragic. We were encouraged to go out. That's exactly what happened in Philadelphia in 1918 with the war drive. They encouraged us to go out and people do what their leaders tell them to do because they're their leaders. Yesterday there was an article about going in the subway and, and you saw people on the subway. I said, "Oh my. People need the money so bad, I know that they can't have a national lockdown." Which is what I've been proposing would end this thing faster. Then people have a job to go to and the government's giving you some short term relief so you've got to take it, but you got to take yourself out of harm's way. If you can take yourself out of harm's way and then you don't touch your face and you use good hygiene and you're not sneezed on, you're sneezed on, that's what I need to be alone, if you're sneezed on, you're getting get it if someone has it. Now you're going to be in a hospital and they may not have the gowns and it may not have the things you need, the personal protection and they may be too filled up and then maybe you die. That has become the narrative that was not supposed to happen in the United States.

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