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Jim Cramer on What to Watch This Week

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What are you watching this week?

Well, Jim Cramer has quite a few things on his mind, including oil.

Watch the full video above for Cramer's full explanation of what he's watching.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
Based on all the studying that you've been doing, Jim, what's the one thing that you're looking at this week?

Jim Cramer:
That is W-E-A_K or is W-E-E-K. That I'm looking at this week?

Katherine Ross:
Yeah. What you're watching in the markets this week.

Jim Cramer:
Okay. What I'm watching in the markets is the bifurcation that I've been waiting for. I've been saying that we're going to have either depression or recession, but it's going to go be bad. In that period, what you get is not a market that goes down. You get a bifurcated market between the companies that are vulnerable, typically the financials and the industrials and companies that aren't vulnerable, which are healthcare and consumer packaged goods and today that's happening. Today we're getting that and it's good to see because then it means that you can make money. When it's not like this and it's just all algorithm, it's very, very hard to make money.

Jim Cramer:
We only have one really bad stock today, which is Tyson, which has just turned out to be a disaster because they poorly managed it and we bought and I feel badly about that, but it's just been terrible. Even Viavom's up today, which is really incredible given how bad that is. That leaves Citi, which is a bank and I don't want to get rid of it, but I may have to because Citi is just doing so, so bad. The stock, not the bank. I find that what's happened is that at least when Disney very negative note about Disney theme parks and sports. Okay, so Disney goes down, but not down enough to want to recommend. JP Morgan goes up a dollar. I don't know why. That'll probably be down a couple of bucks by the end of the day. I'm watching oil.

Jim Cramer:
Rusty Braziel put out a fantastic piece this weekend about losers and big losers in the oil patch and what happens if oil goes to 5.10. Very important. I'm looking at situations where I think that they're not stable. I don't think will go up a dollar. That doesn't seem right to me. Kimberly being up two make sense. Uber's only fractionally off. I think that should be off much more. Lulu coming back. CVX up a ... Chevron up a dollar is ridiculous. I would just short Chevron.

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