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Jim Cramer on What Facebook Has to Change

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Jim Cramer believes that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is changing his ways on privacy and other issues, but is that enough for the company or does Facebook need to do more?

Here is what he had to say: 

"I think that Facebook has to do some things that will hurt earnings. They have to make it so that, like Google did with YouTube, or best they can, with Ruth Porat feeling strongly about this, that just that look that Facebook has to say we are not a outfit that just lets anything go up. We're not just a a blank slate. We are someone that actually polices our stuff. We are someone who polices our stuff in a positive way. Not like China where there's no free speech but there's no free speech for racism. I have always contended, uh, even when I was back running the Crimson at Harvard, there is no free speech for certain people who are advocating eugenics, advocating racism, advocating a Holocaust, advocating things that we know that are not true. No free speech for them. That I am a hard liner on that and I wished that Facebook would, would adopt my view."

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