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Jim Cramer on Trump's New EU Tariffs

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Yesterday the United States won a $7.5 billion World Trade Organization ruling agains Airbus. President Trump responded by placing tariffs on the European Union. Jim Cramer broke down what it means for investors:

"They were so proud that they immediately struck and that the American people should be very excited that they got the victory. Okay. So now on wall street, we're petrified that they're going to immediately put tariffs on. Moronically the market opened unchanged, which is ridiculous and against everything I said was going to happen. Uh, and there's, there's this just incredible disconnect between the white house thinking that the, well the people will cheer for the WTO victory and the stock market, which says now we're up against Europe. So you have to get used to that. There's a disconnect between what the president thinks is going to be really good, which is to be able to spur manufacturing in this country."

Watch the video above to see what else Jim Cramer had to say about the WTO ruling and the Trump administration's response.

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