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Jim Cramer: 5 Stocks That Help Predict the Market

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Jim Cramer wrote about the top five perfomers in the Dow in his column for Real Money Monday evening. 

Cramer wrote about Apple (AAPL) , Exxon Mobil (XOM) , United Technologies (UTX) , Cisco (CSCO) , and IBM (IBM)

Cramer went from the bottom to the top of the performers, kicking it off with Exxon. Here's what he wrote:

The fifth best performer? Exxon Mobil, which advanced 18.49%. This move makes a ton of sense. The only commodity that outperformed the U.S. market this year was none other than crude oil. It, like every commodity, had gotten crushed by Jay Powell's intemperate comments about a multitude of hikes and traders fled oil. That drove down the stock of Exxon, the world's largest oil company.

And Cramer ended his column with Cisco, which is the best performer. 

Finally best for last, Cisco Systems, so ably led by Chuck Robbins. Cisco is the perfect metaphor for what could go right in the second quarter. First, its growth is accelerating, not easy for an older tech company. Second, it is becoming much more of a service and software company, which means a much higher price-to-earnings ratio. Third, one of its key raw costs, DRAMs, are plummeting in price and this quarter you should see the benefits. Fourth, Cisco is great way to play 5G.

Curious about what Cramer has to say about United Technologies, Apple, and IBM? Read his Real Money column here.

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