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Jim Cramer's Thoughts on the Markets, Social Distancing and the Coronavirus

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Let's go over what you need to know Tuesday, March 31. 

It's the final day of the month!

Stocks were higher in intraday trading after manufacturing activity data from China showed a sharp rebound in March and lawmakers on Capitol Hill reportedly looked at ways to launch a fourth stimulus plan to support the flagging economy.

The Dow is on track for its worst quarter ever.

But the market is continuing its rally.

Let's go over what Cramer's thinking about.

What's on Cramer's Mind?

As of Friday evening, he was focused on the stimulus package.

"Did we just get our Battle of Midway, the first big win against the Japanese in World War Two? This Covid-19 has run the table against us, a brilliant enemy that invades our bodies and robs us of our resilience. It has had us on our heels the whole way, attacking the fundament of our civilization, the unalienable rights, enshrined by the Declaration of Independence to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the latter of which means the right to carouse, hang, watch March Madness, grab a beer, even see Cirque de Soleil, all of which are now gone. The founding fathers had game, but until today, Covid-19 had their number. I'm surprised that it can't chisel at the darned Mt. Rushmore while it pulverizes everything else we've got going," he wrote in his Real Money column Friday.

Read the full column here. 

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