Jim Cramer on the Markets, Coronavirus, Boeing and Facebook

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It's a special edition of TheStreet Live With Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross.

In case you missed it, it's Jim Cramer's birthday.

This morning, he'll be weighing in on the markets and the coronavirus Boeing  (BA) - Get Report and Facebook  (FB) - Get Report.

Cramer updates viewers on his thoughts about Boeing now that CEO Dave Calhoun is almost a month in.

Cramer's Thoughts Over on Real Money

Cramer breaks down his thoughts on Bernie Sanders ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

"But make no mistake about it, Sanders is so much more harsh on China that the Chinese would do well to call Facebook (FB) and put as many pro-Trump ads on Instagram as they can get away with. Sanders doesn't want to have a better trade deal with China. If you read his statements you can surmise that he wants to roll back the entire trade agreements we have ever had and go to a pre-Nixon strategy, where we shut the Chinese down to protect the American worker," wrote Cramer.

A Quick Update on the Coronavirus

The death toll from the coronavirus has now eclipsed SARS as it rises to 908. During the SARS outbreak, there were 774 deaths.

There are now over 40,000 cases of the virus in China.

The Princess Cruises ship that’s been quarantined off of the coast in Japan announced that the confirmed cases of the virus on the ship have nearly doubled, to a total of 130 cases.

China has pledged about $10 billion to combat the pandemic, which has forced businesses to close, shuttered factories and severed transportation links as citizens attempt to avoid contracting the respiratory illness.

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