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Jim Cramer on the Markets, Coronavirus, and the White House

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Happy hump day!

The markets are off to a strong start on Wednesday, April 8.

Stocks were higher Wednesday as Wall Street weighed a leveling off of coronavirus infections in certain hot spots around the world against worries the pandemic could linger into the summer.

What's on Cramer's Mind?

Here's what Cramer wrote about right after the closing bell in Real Money Tuesday night.

"Play ball! Major League Baseball's gearing up for a season, a season that starts in May, and, all the teams will play in the Phoenix area, according to ESPN. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health are supportive, and even though there will be no fans, and the players and coaches would be sequestered. It looks like, once again, there is a semblance of normalcy in the world," wrote Cramer. "While this bizarre, albeit exciting, plan isn't what drove the market higher Tuesday, it is certainly metaphorically correct. We are supposed to be in one of the saddest moments in history, a moment where we are seeing an acceleration in deaths from Covid-19 and investors are saying, we are in that awfully dark period right before dawn."

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