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Jim Cramer on the Markets, Coronavirus, and the S&P Oscillator

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Jim Cramer is weighing in on the markets and his advice for investors.

Stocks were mixed Thursday after global central banks launched fresh emergency action to soften the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

And, in case you missed it, President Trump signed an aid package, approved earlier Wednesday by the Senate, to help offset some of the economic damage being caused by the coronavirus shutdowns.

The package provides for expansion of paid sick and family leave, free testing for the coronavirus and increased unemployment insurance.

What's on Cramer's Mind?

"In times of crisis, and we are in a doozy of a crisis, you can't do enough to help make things better. Those who think small must get really lucky to beat back the crisis and so far we are about as unlucky a people as I can ever remember," wrote Cramer in his afternoon column over on Real Money.

"Everything is going wrong at once. So in the interest of being constructive, which there is certainly not much of lately, let me tell you what I would do, what big thinking means, and what needs to happen to stop the tsunami of selling," he continued.

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