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Jim Cramer on Initiating Positions in Google and Facebook

Jim Cramer answered Action Alerts Plus member questions on his monthly call, including Saad's question about getting into Google and Facebook.

Jim Cramer spoke exclusively with members of Action Alerts Plus and answered their questions. That includes a question from Saad about getting into FANG stocks.

"OK. Number 10 it is from Saad. He's asking: 'I would like to initiate positions in FANG stocks like Google (GOOG) - Get Alphabet Inc. Class C Report and Facebook (FB) - Get Facebook, Inc. Class A Report . What is the right time and how much?' Before I wait for these companies pull back after they've run into the quarter, and they have -- I mean, Google (GOOGL) - Get Alphabet Inc. Class A Report we told you to buy it so aggressive when people are worried about that ad issue, which I told you would not amount to much. Remember where they were like, people were afraid -- the advertisers were saying, complaining that: "I'm going to be next to porn, next to hate." Well they had a solution, Google, they had put it in the works a couple of weeks. It was just these guys just trying to jawbone Google's ad rates down. Well Google's doing pretty well. I would say that it still could sell off because there's always some detail that make people say: 'Well, I've got to get out of that one, witness PepsiCo's. (PEP) - Get PepsiCo, Inc. Report  Oh I've got to get out on that one.' Nothing is this Facebook saying Facebook.

There's always some insiders tell into their report that's just the way it is. So they open the window if they report the stock looks heavy and then bingo. OK."

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