Jim Cramer on How Wall Street Will React if Bernie Sanders Wins the New Hampshire Primary

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Jim Cramer weighed in on what impact Bernie Sanders winning the New Hampshire primary could have on the market. 

And, Monday, Cramer took to Real Money to write about his thoughts around Sanders and China

"We know right now that China is facing an existential crisis where its own government seems hellbent on denying healthcare to millions while urging tens of millions to work in conditions that can barely be called safe given how many cases of the coronavirus have been found outside of Wuhan. As harsh as our capitalism is, it still leaves some room for safety. I don't see the Chinese government adopting a "stay at home until we beat this thing" strategy except where the virus is running rampant," he wrote.

So, what does Cramer think about the impact Sanders could have on Wall Street if he takes home the New Hampshire primary?

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