Jim Cramer on How to Position a Portfolio During a Government Shutdown

Here's the skinny on why investors should be cautious about investing in consumer-related companies until the government reopens.
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We are nearly a month into the government shutdown. 

In his Real Money column Thursday morning, Jim Cramer discussed the government shutdown's impact on the stock market. 

Here's what Cramer wrote, "here's the new dialogue: XYX CEO says he "sees no significant slowdown. Only minimal impact from government shutdown unless it lasts through this quarter." Get used to those words. They are in play and they control a lot of stocks and what will happen next."

"The first part, the "no significant slowdown," basically says that we did peak and orders have fallen off -- but mainly because of fear that we would peak, augmented by the rational actions that a company had to take when Jay Powell said he was willing to overshoot to break the pending inflation that would have to occur when unemployment got this low," he continued. 

"What I do know is that we are in earnings season and you don't want to hear either that we have slowed or that the government shutdown is going to lead to forecast cuts, because after this run from the bottom, we will not be able to handle them without taking some real hits to the midsection," wrote Cramer. "How can you protect yourself from these cautionary words? I think you have to continue to trim the shares of those companies that are related to the consumer and emphasize those that are related to secular growth trends that aren't going to let up even if there is no significant slowdown and the government shutdown drags on."

You can read the full column here.