Jim Cramer on How the Coronavirus Is Pushing Society Into a New Virtual Reality

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Warren Buffett announced that the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting would be held without attendees due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Jim Cramer weighed in on what this means for the future. 

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Katherine Ross:
Before we get to that, though, Warren Buffett announced that Berkshire Hathaway's meeting will be held without attendees this year. And that just follows a slew of concerts, of conferences, of all these different events. I'm wondering if this outbreak is pushing us into the new virtual reality.

Jim Cramer:
Yeah, it is. And that's why I assume it's still going to be a good stock to buy. We have DocuSign on tonight. That's going to be good stock to buy. A good, excellent quarter. Stay-at-home economy is very real. We're going to be learning that we can do a lot of things at home, and that those stocks may not all go up at once, but they're good. I mean, I look at an Etsy, I look at a Shopify, and I know that they're still... Etsy's not that high. Shopify is still high. But if you're a millennial, you buy Shopify today. You put some money to work. You call Robinhood, whatever. You buy that. I do think that there are opportunities. I mentioned Verizon is one. Pfizer's one where you can build a portfolio that yields good.

Jim Cramer:
And then the problem with the S&P index fund buyer is that buyer's getting low income. Okay? And I'm trying to say, "Listen, I've got faith in Dominion paying its bills, and American Electric Power paying, a Southern paying, a ConEd. And that this is your opportunity, if you're older, to really get some good income coming in." This is not EPR, where they had to slash and burn. And that's unfortunate. A lot of the REITS, I think, are poorly priced. But I do think that, for a younger person, what a terrific opportunity to be able to buy a sliver of some of the great stocks. Alphabet and even Facebook. Facebook, their numbers are too high, but when you get a stock that's down 80, what's it going to do? Is it go down another 10? Maybe 15? That's an opportunity.

Katherine Ross:
Now, this has been a wild week for the markets.

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