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Jim Cramer on How Ray Dalio Is Impacting the Stock Market

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When asked what was top of mind for Jim Cramer, he had one response: Ray Dalio.

But before we get into why Cramer was thinking about Dalio, let's break down the latest updates around the coronavirus.

The death toll from the coronavirus has breached 1,000. Yesterday, alone, 108 people died in China--which is the largest single-day death toll yet.

There are a little over 43,000 confirmed cases. Nearly 2,500 cases were confirmed in China as of late Monday.

And the U.S. has confirmed its 13th case of the coronavirus -- one of the 167 passengers who had been evacuated by Wuhan.

The patient had previously been discharged from the hospital after testing negative.

Cramer gives his thoughts on Dalio in the video above. 

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