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Jim Cramer on How the Economy Recovers Post-Coronavirus

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Jim Cramer took a question from a viewer on how the economy will recover after the coronavirus.

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Katherine Ross:
I got an interesting question emailed in to me from a viewer, Tim, this weekend that I want to pose to you. Now, Tim's worried about the deficit of over $20 trillion with this 2 trillion stimulus package. He's worried about the dollar specifically. So how does the US economy recover from this in the long term?

Jim Cramer:
It's a great question. I know that Larry was asked that by David Faber, and I think the answer is we're in a deep disinflationary moment, so if they have to, they'll be able to buy back those bonds cheaply. They might be able to actually do that more from a tender offer. There's no reason why they can't do that. So I think that the government is understanding that we've got to do everything you can to keep the deflation from striking hard. Deflation's very bad. We've had it for a while, but this could be the radical deflation, so I'm not as concerned about the risk.

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