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Jim Cramer on How the Coronavirus Changed the Market Narrative

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Jim Cramer weighs in on the coronavirus impact on the market. 

This morning, after the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a public health emergency of global concern, the U.K. announced two confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

But what exactly does labeling the coronavirus a global health emergency mean? It means that the disease has the risk to spread internationally, and it means that countries should focus on the preparation and prevention of the virus. It means that an international response may be required, especially if the virus were to become a pandemic.

213 people have died from the virus and over 9,700 cases have been confirmed.

Over 140 of those cases are outside of China, with six in the United States.

So, how will the markets react now that the coronavirus is a global health emergency?

Well, Cramer says that the market was waiting for the declaration.

Watch the full video above for more.

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