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Jim Cramer Breaks Down the Markets, Coronavirus, Uber Eats India and Boeing

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Jim Cramer is back from the West Coast, and he's breaking down some of the headlines driving the markets Tuesday morning.

He'll be weighing in on the impact of the Coronavirus, Boeing's possible loans and Uber selling Uber Eats India.

The Coronavirus Impact on the Markets

The Coronavirus afflicts patients with pneumonia-like symptoms that are difficult to detect through traditional medical screening, has killed at least six people and infected more than 200 others. Most of the illnesses and all of the fatalities were in the Chinese city of Wuhan. But cases also were reported in Japan, South Korea, and Thailand.

But the fear of the impact that a travel ban could cause saw the major indices open in the red Tuesday.

Boeing Is Reportedly Looking to Take Out as Much as $10 Billion In Loans

Boeing is reportedly in discussions with several banks to secure some $10 billion or more in loans to offset costs stemming from a production halt of its grounded 737 MAX jetliners following two fatal crashes.

Citing people familiar with the discussions, CNBC reported on Monday that the Seattle-based company has so far secured at least $6 billion from a group of banks, and is talking to other lenders about more.

Why Uber Selling Uber Eats India Is a Step in the Right Direction for Uber

Real Money stock of the day Uber confirmed its plans to sell Uber Eats India to Zomato.

As part of the deal, Uber Eats India will direct all restaurants, delivery companies and diners to Zomato. No specific financial details were provided, though sources told Bloomberg the value of the Zomato shares Uber will receive is estimated at about $172 million.

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