Happy Monday: Jim Cramer on the Coronavirus and the Markets

Jim Cramer weighs in on the markets and the coronavirus.
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Happy Monday!

Yes, it is indeed Monday, in case you're confused as to what day it is. 

Jim Cramer is weighing in on the markets as the major indices rally Monday morning.

What's on Cramer's Mind?

Cramer weighed in on a 30-year safe and sound bond in his Real Money column Monday morning.

"The failure of imagination when it comes to fighting Covid-19 boggles the mind. There are so many good ideas kicking around that they at least deserve a solid hearing. For example, what does it take for the administration to realize that tens of millions of Americans want to defeat Covid-19, but feel like there is no chance to do so," wrote Cramer. 

"We faced a similar issue when this country decided it was going to defeat polio. A private organization, the March of Dimes, asked that the nation give dimes for research. The gambit worked, millions of people mailed in dimes and Jonas Salk, a rogue scientist, created a vaccine with the money the March of Dimes gave him. He did his work out of the University of Pittsburgh and he was using a dead, not live, virus to create a vaccine. It wouldn't have happened without the March of Dimes," he continued. 

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How're the Markets Looking?

At the open Monday, stocks surged as data showed reported cases of the coronavirus slowed across the globe over the weekend.

Part of the market rally could be attributed to the declines in new deaths. In New York, the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States, deaths fell for the first time in days and many hard-hit European countries also saw their tallies decrease.

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