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Jim Cramer on the Coronavirus, Markets and Advice for Investors

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Feeling cautiously bullish?

Jim Cramer broke down his advice for investors as the major indices fight to stay positive in intraday trading Wednesday.

What's on Cramer's Mind?

Cramer penned a Real Money column early Wednesday. His focus was on Boeing BA, but he also cautioned investors to avoid the quicksand.

"Don't buy on quicksand. That has to be your mantra on days like today. Don't buy on quicksand because the people you are buying from are smarter than you are and most likely want to ring the register both before and after you are done buying," wrote Cramer. "Some things really sting in this business. One of them is the lost opportunity cost because you chose not to act or not to take a brave stance. Let's use the case of Boeing."

What's Going On With the Stimulus Package?

Senate lawmakers agreed to a $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill that will help prop-up the hobbled economy.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the unprecedented amount of cash -- a sum many times larger than the U.S. Defense budget -- would be a "wartime level of investment into our nation" after reaching an agreement with rival Democrats in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

If approved by both Houses of Congress later today, and then signed by President Donald Trump, the bill will provide around $500 billion in direct corporate loans and a further $500 billion in immediate cash to millions of American households.

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