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Jim Cramer: Now Isn't the Time to Change Your 2020 Investing Gameplan

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President Donald Trump told reporters in London that a U.S.-China trade agreement may have to wait until after next year's presidential elections.

Speaking to the media during a three-day visit to the British capital, Trump said he had no deadline in mind for a U.S.-China trade pact, adding that it would "probably be better" to wait until the end of the 2020 elections to finalize an agreement, adding any accord would be "dependent on whether I want it."

"In some ways I think it's better to wait until after the elections to deal with China, to tell you the truth," Trump said. "In some ways, I think it would be better."

So, should investors change their 2020 gameplan?

"No, not at all. I have a Real Money piece about why that would be wrong. I think that what you have to do is take pain periodically. You have to take a lot of pain...I do think that the pain's real for awhile. The VIX had gone down too low and there was too much optimism about the trade deal given the fact that the most important part of the white house was against the trade deal. So, you've got to pay the price and we're paying the price here, but if you leave right now and [Action Alerts PLUS is] circling the wagons around a couple of positions, but if you leave right now, what happens is, you know, you're going to miss maybe another three to 4% and then try getting in," said Cramer. 

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