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Jim Cramer Talks Winning with Coach of the Year Winner John Harbaugh

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Jim Cramer was surrounded by winners on the red carpet at the 9th Annual NFL Honors in Miami. He got a minute with Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh who was selected Coach of the Year at the event. Watch them share their love for another Baltimore businessman, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank.  

Next up was fourth place in Coach of the Year voting. Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott. Watch Jim show his recognition for what the former Philadelphia Eagles assistant coach has done for his team and city of Buffalo.

Read the transcript but make sure to watch this video filled with winners!

Jim Cramer: Hey boss, how you doing?

John Harbaugh: Good to see you again.

Jim Cramer: Hey listen, listen, you have been a savior of a great city. Okay. So tell me, are you in with another great saver? You with my buddy Kevin.

John Harbaugh: Kevin Plank?

Jim Cramer: Yeah.

John Harbaugh: Thats my guy man. I love Kevin Plank.

Jim Cramer: Don't you love a guy who comes into a city and says, we can make this better? That's you. And that's him.

John Harbaugh: I'm just rooting for him. He's got so many big projects going that can make a difference. You know, great jobs for people and make it fun to go downtown. He's an amazing guy.

Jim Cramer: Shouldn't winners be able to win?

John Harbaugh: Of course.

Jim Cramer: You and him. What a great city you live in. Thank you boss.

John Harbaugh: Thanks buddy.

Jim Cramer: Good seeing you coach..

Jim Cramer: Everyone must be so proud of you. Did you think maybe you'd get it, I know you don't want to talk about it. But I think you're coach of the year.

Sean McDermott: I tell you I just think it's a great, great recognition for Buffalo. You know, we've got Lorenzo Alexander here up for a man of the year and myself and then the guys that we had that made the pro bowl. Just great recognition for the Buffalo Bills.

Jim Cramer: Well, you are a great Buffalo Bill citizen, but I also know you, cause I knew your dad. I mean, holy cow from North Penn and I just say, you are probably the guy who's made most good from my County.

Sean McDermott: I appreciate it. No, it's good. Never forget where you come from. Right. So I'm proud to be where I'm from and it's been a great fit in Buffalo. There's a lot of overlap.

Jim Cramer: Now are you taking care of those guys financially? I'm always worried, you know that.

Sean McDermott: Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. You know, I wouldn't be where I am tonight in particular without them.

Jim Cramer: Alright, coach, I love you. I miss you. You were the best we had.

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