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Jim Cramer Greets Super Bowl Team Owners and More on the NFL Honors Red Carpet

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Jim Cramer is in Miami, FL ahead of Super Bowl LIV. Jim caught with multiple NFL owners at the 9th Annual NFL Honors red carpet event.

Read the transcript and watch his converations with:

  • San Francisco 49ers CEO, Jed York
  • Kansas City Chiefs Owner, Clark Hunt
  • New England Patriots Owner, Robert Kraft
  • Atlanta Falcons Owner, Arthur Blank

Jim Cramer: Hey, I'm Jim Cramer. You know, I was a sportswriter for a long time. I covered Florida State and FAM at the Tallahassee Democrat. I was a sportswriter all the way up at the Harvard Crimson. And you know what? It's been my passion all my life. Finally I got to go to the Super Bowl and asked my heroes questions. I hope you like our snippets and our videos and I want to thank you for watching.

Jim Cramer: Tell me about some of the moments of the year that you where you knew, when did you know?

Jed York: I mean we didn't really know until Green Bay. But I look back to some of the early games and the big one was in New Orleans for us when we were able to go toe to toe with those guys at the dome and pull it out. You knew that you had a chance to be special at that point.

Jim Cramer: I got a lot of younger viewers and what they want to be is you. What's your recommendation for a younger viewer? Fourteen, twenty, twenty-eight.. To be able to really do well?

Jed York: You have to follow your heart and whatever you're passionate about, you have to do that and whatever it is, go for it. And if you put everything into it then, then you have a chance to be great.

Jim Cramer: Do you have much relationship with Chip Berg?

Jed York: Oh yeah, Chip is great. I mean he's unbelievable CEO, unbelievable friend. And if I was able to, I'd be wearing Levi's.

Jim Cramer: Oh I was just gonna say I wear my biggest, I just love him. He's a great owner of that franchise. And I'm so glad you said that you like him cause I'm telling people that the selling after this virus is solved. That was a good quarter they had. Maybe time to buy Levi's.

Jed York: I would definitely buy Levi's. I mean I may be too close, I may have to sign some forms in order to buy stock, but I would definitely do that. I would buy Chip any day of the week. He's the best.

Jim Cramer: Good luck tomorrow. Thank you.

Jim Cramer: Congratulations on everything.

Clark Hunt: Thank you so much.

Jim Cramer: You guys have done a remarkable job and you live in a great city. I want to ask you, cause I'm a stock guy. Do you know a company called Evergy?

Clark Hunt: I do know the company but not well.

Jim Cramer: I want you to buy all you can on Monday morning cause it's a brilliant group of people. Maybe you have to sell your sprint, but Evergy's yourstock. All right.

Clark Hunt: Okay, I appreciate it. I've got it. I know you're an Andy Reid fan too.

Jim Cramer: Oh my God, coach? I sent him.. a message to Tammy. Tammy and I did a lot of battered women's shelter in Philadelphia. She is one of the great people. He is a great inspiration. He's a great dad and I just want to congratulate you for giving him the runway that he needed. We were too mean in Philly.

Clark Hunt: I don't know about being too mean in Philly, but we were really lucky to get Andy, Tammy, and their entire family. We've loved having them in Kansas city and he's done a tremendous job leading the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jim Cramer: I want to wish you best of luck. I'm clearly a Chief fan because I love Andy. It's why I'm down here and I thank you for everything you're doing for your city.

Clark Hunt: Yeah, thank you very much. I appreciate it. C.

Jim Cramer: Can you believe I'm doing this? I'm having some fun. I'm doing fantasy football. Enjoying myself.

Robert Kraft: Fantasy football.

Jim Cramer: And how much fun was the game this year? Not as much, huh?

Robert Kraft: No, no. We're, we're spoiled. We were privileged to be in four of the last five Super Bowls. The only one we lost was to your team.,

Jim Cramer: You know, we had some game I have to admit.

Robert Kraft: Two exciting teams. That should be great. And all the people that are interested in what you're interested.. this should be a great game.

Jim Cramer: All right, well you're a great owner. I thank you so much for stopping by.

Jim Cramer: Thank you for everything that you've been doing for young people. And what are some of some of the things you're doing in charity right now in town?

Arthur Blank: Well, we're trying to touch as many people as we can that are disadvantaged, underserved, and need support to get on a level playing field. So that's the big thrust of our family foundation in public education, conservation and environmental work. Just a variety of different things. So we appreciate your support of Home Depot stock.

Jim Cramer: In the meantime, don't you think Mr. Menear is doing a pretty good job?

Arthur Blank: He's doing a wonderful job. Great job.

Jim Cramer: How's the big spring season going to be for that company?

Arthur Blank: Well, I think it's going to be great. I mean, they are prepared for everything and they've just done a wonderful job and the culture continues to thrive there and survive and grow

Jim Cramer: Well like you, my biggest issue, my charitable trust.. It's made a fortune for good causes because of you guys.

Arthur Blank: Right? That's so true. Both of myself and Bernie and Ken Langone. All three of us, a great percentage of our estates are going to go to two different causes within our society that need help.

Jim Cramer: Ken's a charitable guy, he sees my wife, he says, you're going to be on the board of Bucknell. She goes, I don't have that kind of money. He goes, no we need a worker bee. Ken's amazing for charity, isn't he?

Arthur Blank: He is. He really is. The stuff he's done at NYU medical center is just incredible. But he's always, he's always been committed to giving back to others as have I been, and so was Bernie. I'm thrilled that Bernie's still doing well. He looks great and, sounds great and still right at the point of everything.

Jim Cramer: You're a humble man. So I am going to tell everybody else, thank you for all you do for young people, for impoverished to level the playing field in our country.

Arthur Blank: Thank you, I appreciate that. Thank you so much. I think we just need more of that.

Jim Cramer: Well, you're, you're a pioneer for us. Thank you partner.

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