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Jim Cramer Talks Business With Hall of Fame 2020 Coaches Jimmy Johnson, Bill Cowher

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Jim Cramer caught up with the newest Hall of Fame coach inductees Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher at the 9th Annual NFL Honors red carpet event ahead of Super Bowl LIV in Miami.  

Watch Cramer give a stock pick to Johnson as they predict which pharmaceutical company will solve the coronavirus. Hint: It's Regeneron  (REGN) .

Super Bowl XL champion coach Bill Cowher also got a business question from Jim on the lack of women CEOs.

Read the transcript below and watch:

Jim Cramer: I'm here to talk about business. All right.

Jimmy Johnson: Hey, Mad Money. Okay.

Jim Cramer: Are we okay? Stock market wise?

Jimmy Johnson: if you can get rid of that virus we're okay.

Jim Cramer: It's exactly the virus you know that.

Jimmy Johnson: I'm concerned about.

Jim Cramer: I am too, but I'm afraid to say it.

Jimmy Johnson: Hey my market is going down, down, down, and I'm saying, I called my broker. I said, do we sell? Do we sell? Do we sell?

Jim Cramer: You know, Jimmy, I gotta tell you we've got to solve it. Someone's got to solve it.. It's gonna be the United States.

Jimmy Johnson: Don't you know all the drug companies are working on it?

Jim Cramer: Yes. Merck is working on it. Eli Lilly's working on it. The one that is going to solve it is Regeneron. Okay? Regeneron maybe that's the one we buy. Regeneron, Regeneron. They solved Ebola. How's everything else?

Jimmy Johnson: I may jump on it right now.

Jim Cramer: Coach. Congratulations. You and I each got girls. Okay. Are girls ever going to be able to be women and be women CEOs? We don't have enough women CEOs.

Bill Cowher: Oh, there's no question about that. I mean, they are, they're CEOs already in our family. Aren't they?

Jim Cramer: They run us, right? They run us.

Bill Cowher: We are a reflection of them. So you know what? I think they've done pretty well.

Jim Cramer: One other thing.. My late dad died at 92 but he said, you know what? You gotta be like, coach, you. What he wanted me to be was you.

Bill Cowher: Set your standards high. Set the bar high. You're doing a good job of that.

Jim Cramer: H O F.

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