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Need some investing advice? Jim Cramer weighs in on Microsoft (MSFT - Get Report) , the Fed after New York President, John Williams, made dovish comments and his thoughts on steel.

Tackling Steel

Cramer wrote about steel and Nucor (NUE - Get Report) in his Real Money column.

Cramer wrote, "I have traded the steel stocks for four decades and every single turn started just like this."

Cramer thinks that investors interested in steel should take a close look at Nucor. 

But, what if you aren't a steel investor? How do you even start researching steel? Here's what Cramer thinks.

Keep an Eye on Microsoft?

Real Money Stock of the Day Microsoft beat Wall Street forecasts with a bottom line of $1.37 per share, a 21.2% surge from the same period last year built in part on 21% gain for Cloud computing revenues thanks to its popular Azure product.

But, the earnings beat isn't the only headline that Microsoft has made this week. 

The Department of Justice is gearing up to award its JEDI contract--which is a cloud-based contract--and it's reportedly looking to award it to Microsoft and Amazon (AMZN - Get Report) . 

So, investors, is Azure catching up to AWS or do you need to get your head out of the cloud? 

And, Finally, the Fed

The Federal Reserve is back in the headlines after New York Federal Reserve President John Williams made dovish comments Thursday. 

And now Wall Street is getting excited about the idea of a rate cut later this month.

 Of course, Wall Street isn't the only one advocating for a rate cut. The Tweeter-in-Chief himself took to Twitter Friday morning to weigh in on a rate cut.

Because of the faulty thought process we have going for us at the Federal Reserve, we pay much higher interest rates than countries that are no match for us economically. In other words, our interest costs are much higher than other countries, when they should be lower. Correct!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 19, 2019

Did Williams throw Wall Street and Trump a bone?

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