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Jim Cramer on Micron, CBD and China-U.S. Trade Talks

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Happy Tuesday!

Jim Cramer breaks down why he thinks Real Money Stock of the Day Micron's (MU) a stock to watch and U.S.-China trade talks. 

U.S.-China Trade Talks

Today marks China's 70th anniversary as a communist country. 

President Trump took to Twitter to congratulate President Xi. 

Why Micron?

Why is Micron so important? 

Cramer broke it down in his Real Money column Tuesday morning. 

So, why is it a stock to watch? It might have to do with the fact that we've lost FAANG as a key stock group.

"We know that we lost FAANG ages ago, ever since the federal government and the states decided that these companies were too powerful. Remember, there are two kinds of antitrust doctrine: the real one, meaning that a company conspires to keep prices high and competitors out, and the fake one, which is the one we have now where companies are perceived to be too powerful," wrote Cramer. 

Cramer breaks down Micron. 

One Year Later...

It's officially been a year since I started working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. 

To commemorate, I wrote a column on the three things I've learned from Cramer. 

But, what has Cramer learned from a millennial?

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