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Jim Cramer: What Financial Media Needs to Do Better

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Jim Cramer has a warning for individual investors. 

In his Real Money column, Cramer has a stark warning for Wall Street. "What crushed the individual was a lack of diversification," he wrote. "When you see days like those of last week where you got a session with volume levels akin to the slowest days of last year, the day before Christmas and the day after Thanksgiving, according to the Wall Street Journal, you know the individual investor's been pretty much blown out. That's something that wasn't supposed to happen when we got that second stimulus check for $1,400. After all, so much of the first one landed in accounts that went right into the market, first in common stock and the much riskier options for many who had a taste of big wins," he continued. 

"What happened? What caused the decline? Some of what happened has directly to do with a belief that the market was rigged in favor of the professional, who would never be shut out of favorite stocks the way Robinhood shut out individuals in the wake of the GameStop phenomenon," he wrote.

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