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Jim Cramer Weighs In on Merck, General Electric and McDonald's Earnings

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So, what's moving the markets Tuesday?

Jim Cramer will weigh in on McDonald's earnings, General Electric's earnings and Merck's earnings.

McDonald's (MCD) posted earnings per share of $1.78, beating expectations of $1.75. The company posted revenue of $4.96 billion, beating expectations of $4.93 billion.

"McDonald's was really good. You know, people are always looking for something...[Steve Easterbrook] digitizing the whole operation. He's doing incredible job. I like it," said Cramer. 

General Electric (GE) posted an EPS of 13 cents, beating expectations of 9 cents. The company posted revenue of $27.3 billion, narrowly beating estimates of $27 billion.

"Look, let's not get too excited. GE has a timing issue. The turbine orders came in a little bit better than expected, but that's pull-through later in the year and some of the customers finally paid a little bit ahead. So you've got a turbine number--a power number--that's actually rosier than it that it should be. Aerospace was terrific. I liked healthcare, but don't get too carried away," Cramer said. 

Merck (MRK) posted an adjusted EPS of $1.22, beating expectations of $1.05.

"I think Merck should not be down. Merck was good. Keytruda is taking it to them, but people want to rotate into Bristol Myers, which is cheaper than Merck," he said.

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