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Jim Cramer: Why the Market Could Be in 'Stasis for a While'

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How are the markets looking?

After nearly a week of rallying, the market finally took a breather and dropped before the market closed Tuesday. 

Jim Cramer wrote in his Real Money column Tuesday afternoon that he believes that the market needs a recharge after so many days of gains. 

"We are having a fabulous month. I like markets that go up five and then do nothing. I used to say the greatest markets in the world are the stairstep here and then wait here. Then wait for the worst markets, as I said to [TheStreet's Katherine Ross] yesterday, are the parabolic markets, you don't want parabolic because then they will crash. This is terrific. It's just the action we want," said Cramer.

"I did a lot of work on the notion that we could be in stasis for a while, just stasis and that may not be enough for people," he continued."There's just too many people who are looking for something for the market that it can't give you right now, which is just unprecedented upside."

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