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Jim Cramer: The Market Isn't Ready to Call the Coronavirus a 'Pandemic'

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Here's what investors need to know about the market. 

Jim Cramer weighs in on the market reaction to the coronavirus.

Here's what Cramer's thinking about the market. 

"This knee jerk reaction may be an opportunity to lighten up with some things like we're doing for the club. Why do I say that? Because nothing's changed. I don't think the market's ready for a death in this country, which could happen. I don't think the market's ready yet for other W.H.O to declare the coronavirus a pandemic. I think that the market very much wants to bounce back from a big down day and we've had a couple of down days and but we're not even negative on the oscillator. I know that it may be right to do some picking. But only when it's down. See, that's my problem. I come in on a day like today and the only stock that's down big is 3M," said Cramer. 

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