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Jim Cramer Pinpoints 2 Market 'Absurdities' Thursday

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Jim Cramer devoted his evening column on Real Money to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.

But the piece went deeper than just Powell.

He also noted how younger investors approach investing versus the older generations.

"if you pay no attention to the Fed or the bond market, which is pretty much the status of the newer investors, and you buy every dip, you can make out like a bandit, as anyone who bought stocks at the low Wednesday knows all too well. Those of us who have been around forever don't like it, but ignorance is bliss and more profitable than intelligence. Sorry," wrote Cramer.

"I want to talk about all three groups and their reaction to the Fed's decision to keep rates low and worry more about the people in this country who have no jobs, particularly, as Powell said many times, African Americans and Hispanics, rather than focus on the fact that there are areas of this economy that are running red hot," he continued.

Read his column here. 

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