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Why Jim Cramer Loves Being on the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange

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What happened to the Einstein of Wall Street?

Peter Tuchman, aka Einstein, is one of the most photographed traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. 

On Tuesday, during TheStreet's Facebook Live show, Tuchman made a surprise appearance. 

Jim Cramer was surprised to see that Tuchman was sporting a new hairstyle. 

The trader had shaved off his iconic 'do.

"Don't start looking like me!" Joked Cramer as he greeted Tuchman. "That's Peter [Tuchman] and he is the most visible guy, but more importantly he's the nicest."

"I love him. He's so nice. He is very, very nice. Everybody is nice on the floor," said Cramer. 

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