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Jim Cramer Takes a Look Ahead to the Federal Reserve Decision

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The Federal Reserve is meeting this week and the meeting is highly anticipated by Wall Street. 

Experts are looking for a rate cut of 25 basis points. 

So, how should investors approach the meeting? 

Jim Cramer has some thoughts on the meeting as Wall Street waits to hear from Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell: 

"We have a very difficult fed meeting coming up, uh, where Jay Powell is expected to cut rates, but we got very strong retail sales this morning. Inflation's running a little hotter. The claims have been very, very low. The numbers would indicate that you don't need to cut at the same time, the world's cutting, which should make us less competitive. We don't want to be less competitive. And I think the president's right, what you really have to do is undo hikes," said Cramer. 

Catch his full take in the video above. 

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