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What Jim Cramer Really Liked in Coca-Cola's Earnings Report

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The Street got earnings from Coca-Cola (KO) - Get Free Report before the bell Tuesday. Here's what Jim Cramer really liked about the quarter.

Hint: Move over, La Croix, there's a new millennial sparkling water in town. 

Cramer said that he was impressed by Coca-Cola's earnings, and with CEO James Quincy. 

"I liked everything [in the earnings report]. I mean just when we were talking about what Jay Powell's going to do. Coca-Cola's quarter was excellent. 5% organic growth. I've been a big fan of James Quincy. I've got to tell you, I've gotten together with him many times. He's delightful. Doesn't take himself too seriously. He's supercharged it with Coke Zero sugar. Now you can say he was dealt a good hand cause they cleaned up the way that they do marketing, small form factors really working," said Cramer

So, why should National Beverage Corp.'s (FIZZ) - Get Free Report La Croix prepare for a new competitor in the space?

"Topo Chico, which is something I've been urging him to make more of, they finally caught up with the pipeline. Topo Chico being the millennial, by the way, the millennial's sparkling water," he said. 

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