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Jim Cramer: It's Too Late to Sell

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Jim Cramer says that the window of opportunity for selling is over. 

He weighed in on what investors should do in an increasingly volatile market. 

"...We've said, listen, we've made all our sales, we have plenty of cash. We think it's too late to sell. Is it too early to buy? I think given, given the Twitter sphere and the nuttiness that we have never seen this before. I would prefer after all, you know, we've raised the cash, let's watch. It's okay to sit in your hands is not okay to sit in your hands," Cramer said. "If you have to raise cash, that's something you can afford to if you've done what we've done. So I'm not saying we're neccesarily in the catbird seat, but we are looking, we did not sell a lot of the stocks. We sold some of the stocks, but we felt we were too big after a remarkable 20% run. Now let's watch."

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