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Jim Cramer: It's Time to Remove Netflix from FAANG

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Netflix (NFLX) reported earnings this morning. The streaming giant beat on earnings and was in line on revenue, however the all-important subscriber number was down and Q4 guidance was below consensus.

Jim Cramer thinks it's time to remove Netflix from FAANG: 

"This is not as bad as feared. My problem with it is, is that I prefer revenue growth, not earnings growth. But Netflix, what a switch, international, Very strong. The stock is down a great deal. When you have stocks down a great deal, like a 3M you know, it's like, wow, it's down so much, maybe it can just rally on its own. That's what Netflix is doing, but it is time. I want to invite our viewers, please help me because we have to take out Netflix from FAANG. It just doesn't belong there. It doesn't have the growth anymore. Revenue growth." 

Watch the video above to see which company Jim is replacing Netflix with and tweet @JimCramer if you have a new acronym to replace FAANG.

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