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Jim Cramer: Is the Market Reaction to Coronavirus Overdone?

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Chinese authorities now say that 106 people have died from the virus and over 4,500 cases have been confirmed.

In China, nearly 60 million people are under partial or full lockdown.

And there are now 60 plus confirmed cases around the world, which includes the five cases confirmed in the U.S.

Jim Cramer penned another column over on Real Money focusing on the coronavirus.

"Now I like to take a middle ground when I can. I would like to think that things could get worse before they get better -- but they will get better. There is no surety of that, though. I do refuse to pander to the panic in us all. I would rather have you buy stock in some high-quality companies that will do okay even if we have a Durden moment -- but if there are 15 million people who get sick, that means 140,000 who are hospitalized and 8,200 who die. In other words, a verisimilitude of this year's flu situation in our nation," wrote Cramer.

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