Jim Cramer: Is the Coronavirus the Market’s New Trade Deal?

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Jim Cramer weighs in on the coronavirus and the market.

"Well, the virus is very much involved with the 10-year, which cessation of activity and fear, and so I think that it's supplanted because it's much more wide range. Remember you're talking about $500 billion in trade with China that we buy that the president was trying to get to be much lower, and he's been very successful by the way, versus the $19-trillion economy. The $19-trillion economy runs on credit and what's shown by the treasuries is the credit demand's drying up. So you need to have companies take loans and we are going to have, I think, a cessation because who wants to take a loan to open a business when there aren't people going out? And that's very big. Remember, two thirds our economy is service. So I think that anyone who's thinking about expanding, and I have a couple of businesses I'm doing, I'm not slowing down because they're long-term projects, but my short cycle businesses that I'm involved in shut down," said Cramer. 

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