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Jim Cramer: When Is the Right Time to Buy a Popular Stock?

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Curious about getting into a popular stock?

After all, we finally just the details of how much Amazon (AMZN) stock Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) , (BRK.B) added to its coffers. 

Jim Cramer's got some advice for investors who are wondering when they should pull the trigger and buy.

"We did a lot of analysis for in my second last book or when to do it. And the answer is you have to wait for a two to 5% pullback from the new highways. New Highways is a fabulous place to find actual stocks to buy, but not because you just go buy them. You have to wait. One of the reasons why this is a great education question Katherine raised...I have a lot of my rules are for, they call them retail investors, there's nothing more frustrating, painful than buying a stock at the high," said Cramer. "So I always say, look, yeah, wait for a pullback. And I mean because I don't want people to like go in because they'll sell everything. They'll get out and say it. I'm not going, I'm just going to go on a Fintech ETF for some nonsense that they create because they want fees and so I just like to be cautious and say new high list, great place to pick stocks, but you still got to wait. Wait for a pullback."

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