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Jim Cramer: When Investors Should Buy or Sell After a Federal Reserve Meeting

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It's time for some investing education. 

Jim Cramer tackled the difficult question of the first thing that any investor should consider following a Federal Reserve meeting before they decide to buy or sell.

"I think that they should just give it some window. One of the things that I've seen is when you're ahead of the employment number. Okay, like this one was, you have to wait. The employment numbers, the most important thing that occurs, but there's a swirl and then I've written about this multiple times. There's a swirl that involves this one to two to three period on a clock where guys bang out, guys buy, guys bang out," he said. "Just give it some room, let things shake out. The market is not able to calculate what the Fed says instantly because there's too many crosscurrents. So just wait. I mean, the worst thing that would happen is, is that you miss things by a little bit. And I'm fine with that."

Cramer continued to say that he has given similar advice to members of his Action Alerts Plus members-only investing club.

"We said buy half before the meeting and then buy half after unless it takes off. I feel that if the market goes down and you buy it at three o'clock, you, you'll feel foolish. One of the things that I've always emphasized with all my books, all the things that I like to teach is the fallibility of an individual and a professional comes on and never admits it ever got anything wrong," said Cramer. "So when an individual buys something and then it goes down a lot, they get very discouraged. They say, darn it, I should just give it to professional. But the truth professionals by a lot of stuff and then it goes down. I went to inspire confidence in people and you don't inspire confidence when you buy stocks and then they plummet. So I like to give it a little berth cause it's too hard for the market to process."

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