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Jim Cramer Says Investors Aren't Feeling Pain of  Lack of Stimulus

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Why aren't investors feeling panicky about this lack of stimulus?

It's simple, Jim Cramer notes. He said it's due to the fact that a lot of those suffering from the pandemic are private and not public. 

Here's what he wrote in his Real Money column Monday afternoon.

"There seems to be no hope for a deal between the administration and Congress for some sort of safety net package to keep small businesses alive. Many of the managers of these businesses know that it is just a matter of time. It's truly incredible that the only things that help stop the virus right now are social distancing and masks as they are a total anathema to small businesses. That means we have to start facing up to facts that you have to restrict how many people can come into your stores and the opening of restaurants and bars, no matter how few tables you allow, simply is too dangerous. Almost everywhere the bars and restaurants are open COVID resurges. There are about 15 million people involved in hospitality alone and they are just out of luck. Fortunately there is a safety net but there's nothing to leap up to after you land. That's why it was so great that the government offered extra money to the unemployed. It sure isn't their fault. And the Paycheck Protection plan worked well to keep many businesses alive. You know what many are doing now? Returning the keys," Jim Cramer wrote in Real Money.

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