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Jim Cramer: "Never Subsidize Losers With Winners" and More Investing Rules

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"Never subsidize losers with winners", says Jim Cramer. "Professionals and amateurs alike hate selling their dogs. They keep hoping, keep assuring that a sinking stock is wrong in its direction. They rationalize that the weakness or lack of interest they see,m will be fleeting and that people soon will recognize the value that the holder sees in the stock. That's all well and good until you need money", says Cramer. 

Watch the video above for rule #16-#20.  And, if you missed the other rules, no worries.  Click the links here for rules 1-5: Jim Cramer: "Pigs Get Slaughtered" and Other Investing Rules, 6-10: "Do Your Homework" and Other Investing Rules", and 11-15: Don't Own Too Many Stocks" and More Investing Rules.

TheStreet is rolling out all 25 of Jim Cramer's Rules for Investing in the coming weeks.  After all, April is Financial Literacy Month.

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