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Jim Cramer: "Do Your Homework" and Other Investing Rules

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April is Financial Literacy Month and so who better to give advice than Jim Cramer, TheStreet's co-founder, Action Alerts Plus Portfolio Manager, and one of the most respected investment pros and media personalities. 

A few years back, he designed the 25 Rules for Investing. This week, we are sharing 5 rules at a time.  On Monday it was Jim Cramer: "Pigs Get Slaughtered" and Other Investing Rules.

Tuesday, we are tackling rules 6-10 which begins with 

Rule Number 6: "Do Your Homework"

"Do Your Homework". It's a mantra Cramer often repeats often in his Action Alerts Plus members-only calls.  In the video above, he shares a personal story and compares it to when he tells his own children to do their homework.  Yes, he sometimes sympathizes with them. But, he says "homework is essential to the success of your portfolio".

Rule No. 6: "Do Your Homework"

Rule No. 6: "Do Your Homework"

Cramer says here's your homework assignment for a successful portfolio: "Listen to the conference calls, go to the company's website and read the research".  

Watch the video for more or check out some of Cramer's other 25 Rules for Investing:  Jim Cramer: "Pigs Get Slaughtered" and Other Investing Rules and Don't Own Too Many Stocks" and More Investing Rules.

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