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Jim Cramer: How the Trade War Could Potentially Impact Foreign IPOs

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AMTD International undefined , a Hong Kong-based financial institution went public Monday morning. 

The company's first trade happened right behind TheStreet's Facebook Live show. 

Jim Cramer, after the first trade rang out, had some thoughts on how IPO's could be impacted by the trade war--which is back in the headlines Monday. 

In case you missed it, President Trump announced tariffs of 10% on China starting Sept. 1 last week. Then, Monday morning, U.S. investors awoke to the yuan weakening to a decade low versus the dollar. 

So, what does this have to do with the IPO of a Hong Kong-based financial company?

Well, here's what Cramer had to say. 

"I think that people have to understand that our capital markets will close the Chinese because if we're trying to slow down their economy, which we are, we're not going to let it be fueled by our country. So you won't see things like this six months from now if this continues," said Cramer.  

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