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Jim Cramer: How to Trade Salesforce During the U.S.-China Trade War

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How are you trading Salesforce (CRM) - Get Free Report ?

Jim Cramer weighs in on how investors should trade Salesforce during the U.S.-China trade war. 

During TheStreet's live show Monday morning, Cramer broke down his latest thoughts on the U.S.-China trade war and how it impacts the way that investors should approach Salesforce.

"I want to mention Salesforce because that is the true barometer about whether the market thinks that Trump told the truth or not. The market players seem to think that the PRC tells the truth and the president lies. I'm not willing to go there. I don't know why anyone thinks the PRC tells the truth since it never has to us. I mean, I have, you can go back to when Mao took over and it's just been a series of lies. But there has been...There's globalization, thread among the media that says that China is good. China's not good. China's just there. It's a trading country, not a trading partner. And I think that people are confused about that," said Cramer.

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