Jim Cramer: How Tepid Investors Should Approach the Market

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Jim Cramer penned a column on Real Money about market psychology this morning. 

He also, of course, had some stock picks for investors. 

"The psychology of investing has as much to do with the price of the stock that you pay as the company itself. It's no secret that the market has suddenly turned nasty after a big run. It's also no shocker that so many stocks are so close to their highs that you may feel like a chump if you pick one up that's fractions off its all-time or 52 week high," Cramer wrote. "So as a teaching lesson let's consider the case of what would be the best odds on favorites to start a new position in the Dow Jones average."

But, taking a step back from stock-picking, how should tepid investors approach this market?

Here's a hint: Look at stocks that are five or six percent down from the top. 

For more, watch the video above. 

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