Jim Cramer: How Investors Can Find Opportunity With Elizabeth Warren

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Jim Cramer had some thoughts on Elizabeth Warren and her potential impact on the bull market Monday morning. He broke them down over in his column on Real Money.

"Can we have another good year in 2020? Is there room to run? Before we say yes, I think predicting the stock market is a little like predicting the outcome of a football season," wrote Cramer. "You look at the schedule of games, you make notations about opponents and then, in the back of your mind you keep thinking of one thing: The game is played with this bizarre oblong ball that tends to bounce in different ways and doesn't always -- if ever -- do what you expect."

He continued, saying, "But the Warren wild card? She will decide if the bull has room to run, or, more pointedly, the electorate will, and if she is chosen I am with my insurance friends, get some cash as insurance."

So, how can investors find opportunity?

 "The theme of my Real Money piece is that the insurance risk is what you need to worry about, that there is no opportunity with Elizabeth Warren other than cash," said Cramer in TheStreet's daily live show.

"And the way to redistribute income is to take wealthy people's capital. And the way to do that, and what that would do is force wealthy people to liquidate. And if it were stocks that they owned, they'd have to liquidate them. So you would have more sellers than buyers," continued Cramer. 


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