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Jim Cramer's Candid Investing Advice: "How I Approach Any Stock"

Jim Cramer's 'Very, Very Worried' About the Federal Reserve! Here's a look inside TheStreet's #TeachIn: How to Invest Like a Pro where Cramer discusses FANG, Cannabis, Markets and more.

So, you want to Invest Like a Pro?  You're in luck.

Action Alerts Portfolio Manager,  Jim Cramer, had an all-star panel of experts join him for his Bootcamp: How to Invest Like a Pro. If you missed it, NO WORRIES! Here are a few highlights:

How Does Jim Cramer Invest?

There was a lot to talk about. Cramer began with his approach to the volatile markets. He says he doesn't rely on government reports about how a business overall is doing. He doesn't rely on a group of young people to write memos to him about what's happening in the region.

He says, "I am someone who goes from the bottoms up. I listen to what the companies have to say and I try one, to make a judgment about their stocks, and two to make a prediction, out three to six months, about the market from that stock and others of its ilk that I might know about. It's my mosaic method of stock-picking and it has worked for me for 40 years."

Don't forget Jim Cramer's Action Alerts call for members only is this Thursday, Oct. 18 at 11:30 a.m. Not a member? That's alright. You can sign up here.

Investing in Cannabis

The agenda today includes a deep into cannabis. Bill Newlands, the COO of Constellation Brands (STZ)  sat down with Cramer to talk about the alcohol company's push into cannabis.

The company has promised $4 billion to be invested in Canopy Growth to research cannabis-infused beverages.

Canopy Growth (CGC) CEO Bruce Linton joined the exclusive fireside chat. Canopy has made waves in the cannabis space. Recently, the company announced that it was focused on seniors with a new study. 

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And you can bet that Jim Cramer was talking October Trading Strategies. Retirement Daily's Robert Powell and his expert panel tell us how to Survive and Thrive in this volatile market.  The webinar is sponsored by Charles Schwab.