Jim Cramer: Here's What Investors Should Watch Going Into Next Week

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Ready for next week?

Jim Cramer has some advice for investors who are worried about this weekend and next week.

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Katherine Ross:
Now, this has been a wild week for the markets.

Jim Cramer:
Yes, it has.

Katherine Ross:
Right? So, let's look into the weekend, and let's look into next week. What's your advice for any investor right now?

Jim Cramer:
Well, you have to understand that, every day we come in, there's going to be more deaths, and there's going to be more infections. And then, when we get the kits... Please get the kits... then you're going to see a big spike in the number of people who are infected. And that's going to be freaky. So you need the capital for when that happens. Obviously, don't want you to spend too much, because you may need the capital if you get sick.

Jim Cramer:
One of the things I think we're going to discover is... We heard today, from Mnuchin, not a lot of people, once they started testing, actually had it. And I look to that to try to... calls... flatten the curve. Okay? What we want to do is make it so that the disease is spread out and don't all get it at once, but it's flattened so that we don't have an overload of the public health care system that doesn't have enough ventilators, doesn't have enough beds, doesn't have enough ICU. In Italy, they're triaging... and triaging is always just unbelievable... which is that they're letting some people die, who are in a situation where they were... poor health ahead of time... maybe obese, maybe diabetes, maybe a heart condition, and they're letting them die.

Jim Cramer:
There are people here, watching, who are probably saying, "But that difference is that the Italian health care system is awful." And I'm here to tell you that that's completely untrue, having done work with one of my employees in Italy, where we could get any hospital. Because we care tremendously. All the choices were good, and the hospitals were amazing, to the point where there was a doctor who said to me, after my assistant had an operation, and I was leaving... He said, "You should stay for the pasta. It's excellent."

Katherine Ross:
Wow. Wow. Okay.

Jim Cramer:
Clean. Fabulous. Smart doctors. Just so gracious. Now, you had to wait because it's a socialized medicine. My employee had to wait to get her operation, but it was... I spent a lot of time speaking to a lot of doctors. It's a university hospital. University hospitals, they are extraordinary. But it had to do with the number of beds. I mean, you can overwhelm an ICU, no matter how. And they went on lockdown. We don't really understand how. There are tremendous number of Chinese in Iran, and tremendous number of Chinese in Italy. I was in Fashion Week the year before. The Chinese descend to buy and also to copy. In Iran... It's a Belt and Road Initiative. They... very much committed to the regime. So there's a plethora of Chinese in both places. In Milan, there are signs everywhere for the Belt and Road Initiative. The Chinese have made such a commitment to Italy. I wonder whether the commitment will now be viewed as one of the causes.

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